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Lot 90. Civil war AR Denarius

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Civil war AR Denarius

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Bidding closed (Sunday, February 22nd, 19:45:00 CET)
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Price realised: CHF 850.00 (5 bids)
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eAuction #34, Lot 90. Estimate: CHF 600.00

Civil war of 68-69 AD. AR Denarius (19 mm, 3.32 g), Spain or Gaul.
Obv. VESTA P R QVIRITVM, draped and veiled bust of Vesta right, torch before.
Rev. FIDES EXERCITVVM, clasped hands.
Martin 8; BMC 64.

Extremely rare, just a handful known. Struck in debased silver but not plated. Metal somewhat crystallized, otherwise, very fine.