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Lot 15. Tarentum AR Nomos, c. 315-302 BC

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Tarentum AR Nomos, c. 315-302 BC

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eAuction #58, Lot 15. Estimate: CHF 350.00

Calabria, Tarentum. AR Nomos (21-22 mm, 7.81 g), c. 315-302 BC.
Obv. Nude warrior, holding two spears and preparing to throw a third, shield on left arm, on horseback right; API / Δ below.
Rev. TAPAΣ, Phalanthos, holding kantharos and oar, riding dolphin left; Λ before.
Vlasto 646var; Fischer-Bossert 936var (V363/R-).

Two small scratches on obverse, otherwise, nicely toned and almost extremely fine.