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Lot 225. Festival of Isis AE Nummus, very rare, ex CNG

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Festival of Isis
Festival of Isis AE Nummus, very rare, ex CNG

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eAuction #59, Lot 225. Estimate: CHF 150.00

Festival of Isis, mid 4th century. AE Nummus (15-17 mm, 1.58 g), Alexandria.
Obv. DEO SERAPIDI, Draped bust of Serapis to right, wearing modius.
Rev. SANCTO NILO, Nilus reclining left on hippopotamus (?), holding reed in his right hand and cornucopiae with his left; ALE in exergue.
Alföldi, Festival pl. IV, 35; Vagi 2959.

Very rare. An unusually clear example. Very fine.

Ex CNG eAuction 331 (2014), lot 349.