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Lot 4. Kaulonia AR Nomos, c. 475-425 BC, very rare

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Kaulonia AR Nomos, c. 475-425 BC, very rare

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eAuction #62, Lot 4. Estimate: CHF 120.00

Bruttium, Kaulonia. AR Nomos (21-22 mm, 7.63 g), c. 475-425 BC.
Obv. Apollo striding to right with daimon on outstretched left arm; in field to left, a wolf's (?) scalp, in a diamond-shaped frame formed by the branches of a tree; in the field to right, stag to right on a statue basis resembling a Doric capital.
Rev. KAVΛONIATAM, Stag to right.
Noe, Kaulonia 109; HN Italy 2049.

Very rare. Fine to very fine.