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Lot 72. L. Axsius Naso AR Denarius, 71 BC

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L. Axsius Naso AR Denarius, 71 BC

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eAuction #63, Lot 72. Estimate: CHF 60.00

L. Axsius L.f. Naso. AR (fourré?) Denarius (18 mm, 3.17 g), Rome, 71 BC.
Obv. Head of Mars to right, wearing plumed helmet; behind, IIII; below neck truncation, NASO and before chin, S·C.
Rev. Diana in biga of stags to right; below horses, dog running right and behind, two further dogs; above, IIII; in exergue, L·AXSIVS LF.
Craw. 400/1a.

Rare. Nicely toned and very fine.