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Lot 88. Johannes II Comnenus AV Hyperpyron, Thessalonica

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Johannes II Comnenus AV Hyperpyron, Thessalonica

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eAuction #63, Lot 88. Estimate: CHF 500.00

Johannes II Comnenus (1118-1143 AD). AV Hyperpyron (25-28 mm, 4.34 g), Thessalonica, c. 1118-1122.
Obv. IC XC across field, Christ, nimbate, seated facing on straight-backed throne, raising right hand in benediction, holding Gospels in left.
Rev. +IW DECPO, half-length facing busts of John, wearing crown and loros, holding akakia, and the Virgin Mary, nimbate, holding patriarchal cross between them; manus Dei above John; QU above, MHTR monogram to right.
DOC IV 4; SB 1947.

Almost extremely fine.