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Lot 12. Anonymous AR Quadrigatus, c. 225-214 BC

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Anonymous AR Quadrigatus, c. 225-214 BC

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eAuction #65, Lot 12. Estimate: CHF 375.00

Anonymous. AR Quadrigatus (or Didrachm) (22-23 mm, 6.39 g), uncertain mint, c. 225-214 BC.
Obv. Laureate Janiform head of Dioscuri.
Rev. Jupiter, holding sceptre and hurling thunderbolt, in fast quadriga right driven by Victory; below, ROMA raised on raised tablet.
Craw. 29/3.

Rare variant. Somewhat rough, otherwise, good very fine.

This is a specimen of the pretty rare Craw. 29/3 rather than the common 28/3 with ROMA incuse on raised tablet, see Craw. p. 104, b.

From a Swiss collection.