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Lot 428. Iustinianus I AV Solidus, Constantinople

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Iustinianus I AV Solidus, Constantinople

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eAuction #66, Lot 428. Estimate: CHF 375.00

Iustinianus I (527-565 AD). AV Solidus (20-21 mm, 4.47 g), Constantinople, c. 538-545.
Obv. D N IVSTINIANVS P P AVG, Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger in right hand and with a shield decorated with horseman attacking a fallen foe over left shoulder.
Rev. VICTORIA AVGGG H, Angel standing facing, holding long jewelled cross in his right hand and globus cruciger in his left; in field to right, star, in exergue, CONOB.
DOC 8; Ratto 462; S. 139.

Good very fine.