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Lot 443. Constantine X Ducas AV Histamenon, Constantinople

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Constantine X Ducas AV Histamenon, Constantinople

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Price realised: CHF 260.00 (7 bids)
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eAuction #66, Lot 443. Estimate: CHF 250.00

Constantinus X Ducas (1059-1067 AD). AV Histamenon (24-29mm, 4.40 g), Constantinople, c. 1062-1065.
Obv. +IhS XIS RЄX RЄςNANTҺIm, Christ Pantokrator enthroned facing.
Rev. +KωN RAC Λ O ΔOVKAC, Constantine standing facing, holding labarum with pellet on shaft and globus cruciger.
DOC 1; S. 1847; Ratoo 2010.

Insignificant die-break on reverse. Well struck and almost extremely fine.