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Lot 19. Tarentum, AR Nomos, c. 270 BC

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Tarentum, AR Nomos, c. 270 BC

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eAuction #66, Lot 19. Estimate: CHF 400.00

Calabria, Tarentum. AR Nomos (19-20 mm, 6.54 g), c. 270.
Obv. The Dioscouri galloping to left; above, monogram of ΦΥ; below horses, [ΣΩΔAMOΣ].
Rev. TA-ΡAΣ Phalanthos, nude, riding on dolphin to left, holding Nike, standing right to crown him, in his right hand and two spears and a shield ornamented with a hippocamp in his left; below, waves; to left, ΓΥ.
Vlasto 775; HN Italy 1011.

Attractively toned and extremely fine.