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Lot 116. Juba II, with Kleopatra Selene AE Unit

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Juba II, with Kleopatra Selene AE Unit

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Bidding closed (Sunday, December 15th, 19:38:40 CET)
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eAuction #66, Lot 116. Estimate: CHF 50.00

Kings of Mauretania. Juba II, with Kleopatra Selene. AE Unit (25-27 mm, 8.72 g), Caesarea, c. AD 8-15.
Obv. REX IVBA, Diademed and draped bust of Juba right, with club over shoulder.
Rev. Headdress of Isis; crescent above, BACI-ΛICCA across fields, KΛЄΟΠΑΤΡA in exergue.
Mazard 351; SNG Cop. 605.

Rare. Irregular flan. Fine to very fine.