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Lot 61. Iustinianus I AV Solidus, Constantinople

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Iustinianus I AV Solidus, Constantinople

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Price realised: CHF 600.00 (7 bids)
Approx. EUR 532.84 / USD 594.43 / GBP 468.21

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eAuction #69, Lot 61. Estimate: CHF 500.00

Iustinianus I (527-565 AD). AV Solidus (21 mm, 4.43 g). Constantinopolis, c. 545-565 AD.
Obv. D N IVSTINIANVS PP AVG, helmeted and cuirassed facing bust, holding globus cruciger in right hand and shield with horseman motif on left arm.
Rev. VICTORIA AVGGGH, Angel standing facing, holding long staff surmounted by Christogram in right hand and globus cruciger in left; star to right; CONOB in exergue.
Sear 140; DOC 9.

Almost extremely fine.