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Lot 12. Antimachos II AR Drachm

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Antimachos II AR Drachm

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eAuction #69, Lot 12. Estimate: CHF 120.00

Kings of Bactria. Antimachos II (c. 165-160 BC?). AR Drachm (16 mm, 2.42 g).
Obv. BAΣIΛEOΣ NIKHΦOPOY ANTIMAXOY, Nike advancing left with wreath and palm.
Rev. King on horseback right, legend in karoshti around.
Mitchiner, Indogreek 135a; SNG ANS 424.

Toned, good style. Good very fine.

Antimachos II used to be dated later until a tax receipt was published in 1994 that named him together with Antimachos I, who was his father. This shows how difficult the chronology of the Graeco-Bactrian kings still is.