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Lot 152. Licinius BI Argenteus, Trier

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BI Argenteus
Licinius BI Argenteus, Trier

Time left:
Bidding closed (Sunday, June 20th, 19:50:40 CEST)
Current time: Monday, June 21st, 21:46:57 CEST

Price realised: CHF 80.00 (3 bids)
Approx. EUR 71.05 / USD 79.26 / GBP 62.43

High bidder: Bidder 3

eAuction #72, Lot 152. Estimate: CHF 75.00

Licinius I (308-324 AD). Billon Argenteus (18-19 mm, 3.12 g), Treveri , 1st officina, 318-319.
Obv. IMP LICINIVS AVG, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to left, holding mappa in his right hand and spear over his left shoulder.
Rev. IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG, Jupiter, holding thunderbolt in his right hand and scepter in his left, seated left on eagle standing right, with left wing pointing downwards; PTR in exergue.
RIC VI 825.

Scarce. Very fine.

Ex CNG Electronic Auction 267 (2011), lot 501.