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Lot 1. Iceni AR Unit, Moustache type, c. 20 BC-10 AD

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Iceni AR Unit, Moustache type, c. 20 BC-10 AD

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eAuction #72, Lot 1. Estimate: CHF 200.00

Celtic Britain, Iceni. 'Norfolk God' AR Unit (14 mm, 1.13 g). Moustache type, c. 20 BC-AD 10.
Obv. Male head to right, moustachioed, with oval eye, short dashes for hair with longer crescents behind, each with pellet at end; corn ear behind, two trefoils in front.
Rev. Horse rearing to right, with cabled mane; below, lozenge with concave sides, pellet at each corner; above, pelta, tricorne within.
ABC 1567; SCBC 434; Van Arsdell 792.

Nicely toned and very fine.