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Lot 62. Marius silvered AE Antoninianus, Victory reverse

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Marius silvered AE Antoninianus, Victory reverse

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eAuction #78, Lot 62. Estimate: CHF 250.00

Marius, Romano-Gallic usurper (269 AD). Silvered AE Antoninianus (18-19 mm, 2.07 g), Cologne, spring 269.
Obv. IMP C M AVR MARIVS AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust to right.
Rev. VICTORIA AVG, Victory standing front, head to left, holding wreath in her right hand and palm frond in her left.
AGK (corr.) 8a; Cunetio 2511; Elmer 639 ('Treveri').

Sharply struck and extremely fine.