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Lot 431. Mauricius Tiberius AV Solidus, Constantinople

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Mauricius Tiberius AV Solidus, Constantinople

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eAuction #66, Lot 431. Estimate: CHF 400.00

Mauricius Tiberius (582-602 AD). AV Solidus (20-21 mm, 4.34 g), Constantinople, 583-601.
Obv. D N mAVRC TIb P P AVG, Bust facing, in cuirass and helmet with plume, circlet in front and pendilia; in right hand, globe cruciger, over left shoulder, fold of paludamentum.
Rev. VICTORIA AVGG Γ, Angel facing, holding in right hand long staff, in left, globe cruciger; CONOB in exergue.
DOC 5; Ratto 1013.

Almost extremely fine.

Purchased privatel from Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger, Frankfurt.