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Lot 305. Clodius Albinus AR Denarius, Roma reverse

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Clodius Albinus AR Denarius, Roma reverse

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Bidding closed (Sunday, December 15th, 20:41:40 CET)
Current time: Wednesday, July 15th, 07:38:50 CEST

Price realised: CHF 85.00 (2 bids)
Approx. EUR 75.49 / USD 84.21 / GBP 66.33

High bidder: Bidder 2

eAuction #66, Lot 305. Estimate: CHF 100.00

Clodius Albinus (Caesar, 193-195). AR Denarius (18 mm, 3.09 g), Rome, 193-195.
Obv. D CL SEPT ALBIN CAES, Bare head to right.
Rev. ROMAE AETERNAE, Roma, helmeted, draped and holding palladium in her right hand and a scepter in her left, seated left on a shield.
BMC 43; RIC 11a.

Very fine and attractive.