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Lot 10. Tarentum AR Nomos, c. 280-272 BC

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Tarentum AR Nomos, c. 280-272 BC

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eAuction #67, Lot 10. Estimate: CHF 175.00

Calabria, Tarentum. AR Nomos (22 mm, 6.35 g), c. 280-272 BC.
Obv. ΞΩ - AΠOΛΛΩ, Warrior on horse galloping to left, holding shield decorated with star and two spears.
Rev. TAPAΣ, Youthful oikist, nude, riding dolphin to left, holding grape in his right hand and distaff in his left; above to right, ANΘ.
HN Italy 1013; Vlasto 790-791.

Darkly toned. Some deposits, otherwise, almost extremely fine.