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Lot 9. Tarentum AR Nomos, c. 302-280 BC

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Tarentum AR Nomos, c. 302-280 BC

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eAuction #67, Lot 9. Estimate: CHF 400.00

Calabria, Tarentum. AR Nomos (21 mm, 7.89 g), c. 302-280 BC, Sa..., Arethon and Cas..., magistrates.
Obv. ΣA - APE/ΘΩN, Nude youth riding horse walking to right, raising his right hand to crown the horse's head.
Rev. TAPAΣ / CAΣ, Youthful oikist, nude, riding dolphin to left, holding tripod in his right hand and resting his left on the dolphin.
HN Italy 957; Vlasto 666.

A lovely example, sharply struck and of fine style. Minor flan crack, otherwise, almost extremely fine.