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Lot 25. Tiberius AE As, altar of Lugdunum reverse

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Tiberius AE As, altar of Lugdunum reverse

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eAuction #69, Lot 25. Estimate: CHF 75.00

Tiberius (14-37 AD), struck under Augustus 12-14 AD (?). AE As (26 mm, 10.40 g), Lugdunum.
Obv. TI CAESAR AVGVST F IMPERAT VII, laureate head right.
Rev. Front elevation of the Altar of Lugdunum, decorated with the corona civica between laurels, flanked by stylized male figures; to left and right, Victories on columns, facing one another; below, ROM ET AVG.
RIC I, 245.

Good details on altar. Very fine.