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Lot 26. Tiberius AE As, rudder and globe reverse

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Tiberius AE As, rudder and globe reverse

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Price realised: CHF 80.00 (1 bid)
Approx. EUR 71.05 / USD 79.26 / GBP 62.43

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eAuction #69, Lot 26. Estimate: CHF 100.00

Tiberius (14-37 AD). AE As (27-28 mm, 10.60 g), Rome, 36/37.
Obv. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VIII, laureate head to left.
Rev. PONTIF MAX TR POT XXXIIX, S C across field, rudder placed vertically across banded globe; small globe at base of rudder.
RIC 64.

Almost very fine.