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Lot 35. Gordianus III AE27, Nikopolis ad Istrum

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Gordianus III AE27, Nikopolis ad Istrum

Time left:
Bidding closed (Sunday, September 18th, 19:11:40 CEST)
Current time: Tuesday, March 5th, 06:00:34 CET

Price realised: CHF 40.00 (1 bid)
Approx. EUR 41.80 / USD 45.33 / GBP 35.78

High bidder: Bidder 1

eAuction #77, Lot 35. Estimate: CHF 50.00

Gordian III Pius (238-244 AD). AE27 (13.71 g). Moesia Inferior, Nikopolis. Sabinius Modestus, Governor.
Obv. AΥT K M ANTΩ ΓOΡΔIANOC, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust to right, seen from behind.
Rv. ΥΠ CAB MOΔECTOΥ NIKOΠOΛEITΩN ΠΡOC ICTPON, Hermes standing left, holding purse and kerykeion; at feet, rooster.

Rare. Dark green patina. Good very fine.

Ex Auctiones eAuction 60, lot 37.