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Lot 82. Traianus AE Sestertius, bridge reverse

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Traianus AE Sestertius, bridge reverse

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Bidding closed (Sunday, March 19th, 19:27:20 CET)
Current time: Friday, April 19th, 09:02:47 CEST

Price realised: CHF 170.00 (4 bids)
Approx. EUR 175.07 / USD 186.99 / GBP 149.92

High bidder: Bidder 3

eAuction #79, Lot 82. Estimate: CHF 150.00

Traianus (98-117 AD). AE Sestertius (33 mm, 27.62 g), Rome, 107-110 AD.
Obv. IMP CAES NERVAE TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V P P, Laureate bust of Trajan to right, drapery on left shoulder.
Rev. SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI, Bridge with two-storied superstructure, monumental gateway surmounted by statuary at either end, steps below gateway on right, boat moored in river below, S C below riverbank.
RIC II 569; Woytek 314b.

Rare. Flan crack. Fine.