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Lot 112. Leo VI with Alexander AE Follis

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Leo VI with Alexander AE Follis

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eAuction #79, Lot 112. Estimate: CHF 85.00

Leo VI the Wise, with Alexander (886-912 AD). AE Follis (25 mm, 5.86 g), Constantinople mint.
Obv. LЄOҺ S ALЄΞAҺδPOS, Crowned figures of Leo and Alexander enthroned facing, each wearing loros, holding labarum between them; Alexander also holding akakia.
Rev. + LЄOҺ/ S ALЄΞAҺ/δPOS ЬASIL’/ ROmЄOҺ in four lines.
DOC 6; SB 1730.

Green patina. Good very fine.