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Lot 110. Mauricius Tiberius AV Solidus, Theoupolis mint

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Mauricius Tiberius AV Solidus, Theoupolis mint

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Bidding closed (Sunday, March 19th, 19:36:40 CET)
Current time: Tuesday, April 16th, 16:01:00 CEST

Price realised: CHF 380.00 (3 bids)
Approx. EUR 392.42 / USD 416.67 / GBP 335.00

High bidder: Bidder 1

eAuction #79, Lot 110. Estimate: CHF 420.00

Mauricius Tiberius (582-602 AD). AV Solidus (22 mm, 4.47 g), Theoupolis (Antiochia).
Obv. ON mAVRC TIb PP AVC, draped and cuirassed bust facing, wearing plumed helmet and holding globe cruciger in right hand.
Rev. VICTORIA AVCC Θ, angel standing facing, holding staurogram in right hand, plain globe in left; CONOB in exergue.
DOC 149g; Sear 524.

Good very fine.