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Lot 70. Octavianus AR Quinarius

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Octavianus AR Quinarius

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Bidding closed (Sunday, March 19th, 19:23:20 CET)
Current time: Tuesday, March 21st, 06:41:12 CET

Price realised: CHF 160.00 (2 bids)
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eAuction #79, Lot 70. Estimate: CHF 180.00

Octavianus. AR Quinarius (14 mm, 1.71 g). Uncertain Italian mint (Brundisium or Rome?), 29-28 BC.
Obv. IMP CAESAR, Bare head to right.
Rev. ASIA RECEPTA, Victory standing front on cista mistica, head to left, holding wreath in her right hand and long palm with her left, flanked by two interlaced snakes with heads erect.
BMC 647; RIC 276; Sear Imperators 429.

Exceptionally well centered for this type. Banker's marks on obverse, good very fine.