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Lot 30. Claudius AE23, Knossos

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Claudius AE23, Knossos

Time left:
Bidding closed (Sunday, December 17th, 19:10:00 CET)
Current time: Tuesday, April 16th, 15:44:27 CEST

Price realised: CHF 110.00 (4 bids)
Approx. EUR 113.60 / USD 120.62 / GBP 96.97

High bidder: Bidder 2

eAuction #82, Lot 30. Estimate: CHF 60.00

Crete, Knossos. Claudius (41-54 AD). AE24 (8.19 g).
Obv. [DIVVS AVGVSTVS CYTHERO ITER IIVIR], Radiate head to left.
Rev. [VICTORIA AVG] CAPITONE [ITER IIVIR], Nike advancing left, holding wreath and palm.
RPC 1004; Svor. 215var.

Rare. Dark green patina. Fine to very fine.

From the Beat A. Klein Collection.
With old collector's ticket (with terribly wrong description).