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Lot 39. Philippus II AE25, Mesembria

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Philippus II AE25, Mesembria

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Bidding closed (Sunday, September 19th, 19:13:00 CEST)
Current time: Wednesday, October 27th, 09:08:39 CEST

Price realised: CHF 30.00 (1 bid)
Approx. EUR 26.64 / USD 29.72 / GBP 23.41

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eAuction #73, Lot 39. Estimate: CHF 35.00

Philippus II Caesar (244-247 AD). AE25 (8.66 g), Thrace, Mesembria.
Obv. MAP IOVΛIOC ΦIΛIΠΠOC KAICAP, Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip II to right, facing bust of Serapis left, wearing modius.
Rev. MECAMBPIANΩN, Zeus standing facing, head to left, holding scepter and patera, eagle at foot left.
Varbanov 4299.

Very fine.

From the François Righetti Collection.