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Lot 12. Orodes II AR Drachm, Ekbatana

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Orodes II AR Drachm, Ekbatana

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eAuction #73, Lot 12. Estimate: CHF 50.00

Kings of Parthia. Orodes II (58/7-38 BC). AR Drachm (18-20 mm, 3.75 g), Ekbatana mint.
Obv. Diademed bust left, neck torque ends in sea horse; star before, crescent above star behind.
Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ APΣAKY EYEPΓETOY ΔIKAIOY EΠIΦANOYΣ ΦIΛEΛΛHNOΣ, Arsakes I seated right on throne, holding bow; anchor behind, monogram below bow.
Sellwood 48.9; Shore 261.

Nicely toned and very fine.