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Lot 139. Iustinus II AV Solidus

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Iustinus II AV Solidus

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eAuction #73, Lot 139. Estimate: CHF 375.00

Iustinus II (565-578 AD). AV Solidus (19 mm, 4.42 g), Constantiople.
Obv. DN IVSTINVS PP AVI, Cuirassed bust facing, wearing crown and pendilia, holding in his right hand globe surmounted by Victoria, crowning the emperor.
Rev. VICTORIA AVCCCΘ, Constantinople, wearing long dress and helmet, seated facing, head turned right, holding spear with her right hand, globe cruciger on her outstretched left hand; CONOB in exergue.
DOC 4h; Sear 345.

Almost extremely fine