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Lot 11. Athens AR Tetradrachm, c. 119/118 BC, New Style

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Athens AR Tetradrachm, c. 119/118 BC, New Style

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eAuction #76, Lot 11. Estimate: CHF 150.00

Attica, Athens. AR Tetradrachm (28 mm, 16.31 g). New Style coinage, c. 119/8 BC. Dionysi-, Dionysi- and Aristai-, magistrates.
Obv. Head of Athena to right, wearing triple-crested Attic helmet decorated with a vine scroll, Pegasus above upturned voided cheek flap, protomes of three horses above visor.
Rev. A-ΘE / ΔΙΟΝ-ΥΣΙ / ΔΙΟΝ/ΥΣΙ / ΑΡ/ΙΣ/ΤΑI (magistrates), owl standing facing on overturned amphora inscribed with Γ (month); Helios driving facing quadriga in right field, all within olive wreath.
Thompson 559d.

Traces of mounting. Very fine.